SQ8 Park Camera

In the last 2 month I had several punctured tyres (on the shoulder, so they have been made by someone who wants to doing intentionally).

I'm trying to get who is responsible for every damages: so i talked with the police and they suggested me to buy a camera and log every movement around my car.

So i did, i bought a SQ8 Camera and i would like to install it in the car with a power bank.

I choose this camera because is very cheap and it has a motion detecion function that should be useful in this scenario.

After unboxed it i tried the motion detection function but i encountered an unexpected problem: this function works only if the camera hasn't attached to the usb power. So if you plug the usb to the power bank, it will always record, forever.

It has a huge problem also: it heats a lot when it's running. A LOT.

So i had an idea: if i cheat with the camera and i connect the power bank in place of the battery and i let it open improving the air cooling? And so i did.

First of all i opened the camera (just a screw) and unwelded the battery from the 2 pins.

Battery removed

So after this i tested with a power supply that this circuit can work with the 5.15V of a USB powerbank: and so it does. (the original battery runs at 4.02V)

I took a USB cable, i cut it and i took only the + and - from the cable.

USB cable cutted off

So i welded the + and - of the USB in place of the battery and i fired it up!

It's still burning a lot when it runs but i let it run for a couple of hours without problems.