Gameknot: end of the game

I was a Gameknot player from the far 2007.
I always found it a great chess platform.

During the summer of the 2013 i was thinking about an app that allows you to receive notification on your smartphone when it's your turn in one of your games.

In the Oct '13 i asked to Gameknot stuff if i could realize an app that achieve this target.
They told me that they're pro about it as long as i will never refresh the page more than 1 time every 60 seconds.

So i do, starting from the 30th of Oct 2013 i launched the app on the Play Store ( ) and i continued to update it till Jun '14.

Now the Gameknot stuff, starts to ban every user from their site that using the app on android WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION!

I write this post because i would like to thank all you guys that supports the developing during this year, but if the scenario is still this i have no weapons to continue this battle.


A banned user